Vironova is a Swedish innovative company bringing new solutions to the field of sub-visible particle analysis.

Vironova offers a range of products and services which can be used in development of particles for vaccines, drug delivery and gene therapy as well as viral safety testing and material quality control.

The Vironova story

By combining expertise in electron microscopy, virology, mathematics and image analysis, Vironova has developed a unique offering of services, hardware and software products.


MiniTEMTM transmission electron microscope is specifically designed to characterise nano-particles. As a compact low-voltage system, it runs in any laboratory setting. All you need is a standard wall socket. MiniTEMTM includes all the components you expect to find in a quality electron microscope.

Application areas

Drug and gene delivery

  • Liposomal characterization
  • Morphology including lamellarity
  • Particle size distribution
  • Filled vs. empty
  • Particle shape


  • Viral particle morphology
  • Particle size distribution
  • Detect aggregates or debris

Material science

  • Composition distribution
  • Particle size


  • Viral clearance

Recent updates

Open position: Quality assurance manager

We are looking for someone who will take responsibility for Vironova’s QA work together with other employees within the unit.

As QA Manager, your main responsibilities will be leading the quality work within the organization, support the organization in defining quality standards for products and projects throughout the sales and delivery phase, maintaining product quality specifications, monitor legislation and standards changes and provide expert support in sales and construction project quality issues.

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Open position: Field engineer

We are looking for a Field Engineer to join our Instruments group who will work with technical sales, installation, technical support and troubleshooting with our customers.
The service includes: customer visits and sales meetings, presenting technical demos, produce demos and technical sales and marketing materials and attend marketing events and seminars. It also includes installation, set up, testing, debugging and supporting the microscope at the customer. Education and training of customers in setting up and using the microscope is also an important part as well as managing and disclosing customers’ support needs internally.

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On demand webinar: Reveal information that Gives Insights: New Approaches to Sub-Visible Particle Characterization

On demand

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How MiniTEM automatically images, detects and classifies a large number of particles resulting in statistically significant and reproducible data.
  • How a metric for sample purity based on the ratio of the total area of debris to that of intact Adenovirus particles is applied.
  • How analysis using MiniTEM saves about 65 hours compared with manual operation.

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Vironova provides EM-services for 6 of the 10 largest pharma- and biotechnology companies.


Anna-Karin Maltais, CSO, </br>Eurocine Vaccines

"Being able to visualize a formulation of our nasal vaccine candidate has improved the understanding of how our adjuvant technology, Endocine™, interacts with vaccine antigens."

Anna-Karin Maltais, CSO,
Eurocine Vaccines

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