Vironova is a Swedish innovative company bringing new solutions to the field of sub-visible particle analysis.

Vironova offers a range of products and services which can be used in development of particles for vaccines, drug and gene delivery as well as viral safety testing and material quality control.

Application areas

Drug and gene delivery

  • Liposomal characterization
  • Morphology including lamellarity
  • Particle size distribution
  • Filled vs. empty
  • Particle shape


  • Viral particle morphology
  • Particle size distribution
  • Detect aggregates or debris

Material science

  • Composition distribution
  • Particle size


  • Viral clearance

Recent updates

White paper: A comparative study of MiniTEM versus DLS and NTA.

This study compares the performance and the ability to detect the Adeno associated virus particles (AAV) of interest and distinguish them from contaminating proteasomes.

Vironova is looking for software developers

We are growing and looking to expand our development team with several new positions, with different levels of experience in one or more of the following areas:

  • SQL Server (with specific expertise in stored procedures and database design)
  • WPF/C# (preferably with knowledge in MVVM architecture)
  • Software testing (development background is an advantage)

If you enjoy working in a creative and dynamic environment and have a passion to drive implementation of ideas into commercially viable solutions, then Vironova can be the right place for you. Send your application to

On demand webinar: Overcoming sub-visible particle characterization challenges in biomanufacturing

Nanoparticles like viruses, drug delivery vesicles and adjuvants in the range 0.01-0.1 µm diameter need to be quantitated, size-analyzed and characterized in order to verify particle quality and the absence of aggregates or contaminants from the manufacturing process.

Josefina Nilsson (Head of Vironova services) shows you how to acquire information and avoid pitfalls associated with indirect methods.

Watch the webinar here.


Anna-Karin Maltais, CSO, </br>Eurocine Vaccines

"Being able to visualize a formulation of our nasal vaccine candidate has improved the understanding of how our adjuvant technology, Endocine™, interacts with vaccine antigens."

Anna-Karin Maltais, CSO,
Eurocine Vaccines