Vironova bring new solutions to the field of sub-visible particle analysis.

Vironova offers a range of products and services which can be used in development of particles for vaccines, drug delivery and gene therapy as well as viral safety testing and material quality control.

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Learn how it all started and how Vironova services became so fast and effective.

Get familiar with VAS – a designated electron microscopy image analysis software.

Learn how Vironova expertise was built into the MiniTEM system to enable automation in nanoparticle characterization.

Application areas

Gene therapy and drug delivery

  • Morphology and integrity
  • Particle size distribution
  • Filled vs. empty
  • Purity check
  • Liposomal and lipid nanoparticle (LNPs), Adenovirus, AAV and other viral vectors

Biologics, biosimilars and vaccines

  • Viral clearance
  • Particle size distribution and detection of aggregates
  • Morphology of VLPs and viral particles

Material science

  • Composition distribution
  • Particle size distribution

Products and services

Cost effective and fast EM services

An expert team delivers objective electron microscope based nanoparticle characterization.


A low voltage electron microscopy system designed for automated nanoparticle characterization.

Viral clearance

GLP and BSLIII certified laboratories offering viral clearance studies and related services including consultancy.


MiniTEMTM transmission electron microscope is specifically designed to characterise nano-particles. As a compact low-voltage system, it runs in any laboratory setting. All you need is a standard wall socket. MiniTEMTM includes all the components you expect to find in a quality electron microscope.


"Being able to visualize a formulation of our nasal vaccine candidate has improved the understanding of how our adjuvant technology, Endocine™, interacts with vaccine antigens."

Anna-Karin Maltais, CSO, Eurocine Vaccines
<em>Anna-Karin Maltais, CSO, Eurocine Vaccines</br></em>