Corporate story

Founded in 2005 as a result of interdisciplinary research at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, Vironova has quickly established a following of global customers working in highly-regulated and quality-demanding industries such as vaccine development, the pharmaceutical industry and material science.

By combining expertise in electron microscopy, virology, mathematics and image analysis, Vironova has developed a unique offering of services, hardware and software products. Today it has GLP-certified cell and virus facilities in Sweden that include equipment for advanced electron microscopy, image analysis, nano-characterization and viral clearance testing.

Intellectual property

Vironova strives to protect all technology and products developed. Patent applications are submitted in all relevant markets for new technology and technology improvements.

The technology is protected by patents and patent applications for three complementing image analysis methods, and covers the most important application areas in biological quality control.

Corporate governance

Vironova has a culture of responsibility, drive and cost consciousness, which
allows the company to innovate and market products and services at a high level.

  • Management
  • Board

Mohammed Homman


Dr. Ida-Maria Sintorn


Ulf Danielsson

Sales and Marketing Director

Josefina Nilsson

Director of BU, EM services

Dr. Carina Pèrez

Director of BU, Biosafety

Nina Ewerlöf

Director of BU, Instruments

Göran Nilsson

Business Development Director

Ulrika Ledmyr

HR Director

Anders Milton

Chairman of the board

Mohammed Homman


Ulf Säther

Member of the board

Alf Sollevi

Member of the board

Mats Persson

Member of the board

Peter Thurell

Deputy member

Maria Homman

Deputy member

Legal structure

The Vironova group consists of four companies:

  • Intelligent Virus Imaging Inc. (IVI Inc.) is a fully owned subsidiary in the USA used for certain patent rights.
  • Vironova Biosafety AB is a fully owned subsidiary.
  • NOW Electronics AB is a fully owned subsidiary.
  • JOS AB is a fully owned subsidiary.

Financial reports

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2015 Annual Report

2015 Audit Report

2014 Audit Report

2014 Annual Report

2013 Audit report

2013 Annual Report

2012 Annual Report

Share structure, March 30, 2017

Share holder No. of shares % of capital % of votes
Mhomman AB 5 411 110 19,25% 62,00%
Holmsvanen AB 9 513 332 33,85% 15,93%
Alf Sollevi 4 067 042 14,47% 6,81%
SEB 2 443 764 4,03% 2,34%
Flerie Invest AB 1 000 000 3,56% 1,67%
Dyneq AB 913 958 3,25% 1,53%
Sanderling Invest AB 670 000 2,38% 1,12%
Avanza bank 500 797 1,78% 0,84%
Anders Milton 493 000 1,75% 0,83%
Total ten largest 25 013 003 84,32% 93,07%
Others (368) 3 090 080 15,68% 6,93%
Total 28 103 083 100,00% 100,00%

Share capital in Vironova AB at March 31,2017 amounted to SEK 1,405,154.15 distributed among 3 511 713 class A shares and 28 103 083 class B shares, each with a quotient value of SEK 0.05. The total number of shares amounted to 28 103 083. Class A shares carry ten voting rights each, while class B shares carry one vote. All shares provide equal entitlement to participation in company and are freely transferable.
Source: Euroclear AB