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2017 | 04 | 21

Vironova awarded a key US patent for further automation of transmission electron microscopy

Vironova is very happy to announce the granting of our US patent with the title " A method for automatic correction of astigmatism.” The method, which can be applied to any electron microscope, allows for automated correction of the electron beam, removing a tedious manual step that requires considerable operator skill. Ultimately it will enable fully automated image acquisition.

“This patent is a manifestation of our strategy to strengthen our core technology through a multi-disciplinary innovation process. Our constant goal is to increase user friendliness and improve the accessibility of the unique information inherent in electron microscopy." Says Mohammed Homman, CEO, Vironova

2017 | 04 | 18

Meaningful insights from the sub-visible space

Don’t miss our talk at BPI EU summit:
Automated characterization of gene therapy vectors, VLPs and whole viruses
By Josefina Nilsson, Head of EM services.
April 25, at 15.00 in the vaccine manufacturing stream
A case study how integrity and purity of Adenoassociated virus (AAV) and Adenovirus particles can accurately be measured automatically by using MiniTEM™.

2017 | 04 | 13

Dr Josefina Nilsson, Head of EM services at Vironova shares her thoughts on sub-visible particle characterization

Josefina has extensive experience of characterization of nano-scaled sub-visible particles as a service provider since ten years to the biopharmaceutical industry, from early development to final manufacturing.

2017 | 04 | 04

Webinar April 6 - Interview with Vironova founder and CEO Mohammed Homman

Vironova will host a webinar “Automated purity and integrity check of gene therapy vectors” on April 6 at 3 pm CET. (Agenda and registration can be found here.)

The webinar will demonstrate the capabilities of MiniTEM™ , which is compact, easy to use low-voltage transmission electron microscope system designed for nanoparticle characterization. It is pioneering in that its automatically acquired high-quality images reveal particle morphologies that can be transformed into accurate metrics

In conjunction with the above-mentioned webinar, the founder and CEO of Vironova Mohammed Homman shares his story of the company and MiniTEM. A journey that began with his own passion for viruses and treating viral diseases, and the limitations in available methods that led him to collaborate with a wide variety of specialists, and eventually building the MiniTEM system.
Read the full interview here.

2017 | 04 | 03

MiniTEM™ event in Leiden attracts key players within gene therapy and vaccine industries

A full-day event including live demo of MiniTEM and presentations showing how to go from manual to automated virus particle characterization attracted more than 10 different companies located in Europe. Invited speaker Vesa Turkki, Senior Scientist at FinVector Vision Therapies gave a presentation explaining how MiniTEM helps them to link product understanding to process control during development of gene therapy products.

2017 | 03 | 30

Vironova is building a state of the art electron microscopy (EM) facility to meet increasing demand

Vironova has established a growing number of global customers in the highly-regulated and quality demanding pharmaceutical industry, who focus on drug/gene delivery and vaccine development. Currently 7 of the 10 largest biopharmaceutical companies are clients to Vironova.

The new EM facility with a BSLII laboratory for sample preparation will greatly increase current capacity and meet the increasing demand for nanoparticle characterization services that the company provides. These are performed using TEM and the proprietary image analysis software VAS (Vironova Analyzer Software) in accordance with GMP, which is essential for applications in pharmaceutical development. Several Microscopists are being recruited for the new lab, which will be finalized during this year.

2017 | 03 | 27

Vironova has filed a US provisional patent for analyzing viral vector content using cryoTEM

Vironova has now filed a patent for quantitative analysis of viral vector content using cryoTEM, a method that has already triggered plenty of interest amongst our customers.
In the pharmaceutical industry, viruses and virus-like particles are extensively used as carriers for gene delivery, so called viral vectors. Assessment of carrier particle content is of prime importance as it is directly linked to the efficacy of the treatment.

Negative stain TEM (nsTEM) is a standard approach for assessing this. Due to variations in staining and preparation the results are unreliable, whereas analysis using cryoTEM yields very consistent and reliable results. Vironova has now filed the patent for the quantitative analysis of viral vector content using cryoTEM.

2017 | 03 | 23

Free webinar April 6: Automated purity and integrity analysis of gene therapy vectors

Time: 3:00pm London, 10:00am New York

Key learning objectives

  • How MiniTEM™ automatically images, detects and classifies viral particles in ~1h
  • How the proportion of intact vs broken Adeno-associated virus (AAV) and Adenovirus in different samples can be measured accurately
  • How to perform automated purity analysis of virus particle samples
A case study will be presented to demonstrate how the integrity and purity of AAV and Adenovirus particles can be measured automatically. Analysis is performed using MiniTEM, which enables automatic imaging, detection, classification and quantification of particles. As a result, a metric of the proportion of intact versus broken particles is presented.

2017 | 03 | 16

Open position: Research Associate / Technician

Vironova Biosafety is one of three business units within Vironova AB. We now need to strengthen our team with an additional person. We are looking for a microbiologist / biomedical scientist / biochemist with extensive experience in laboratory work. Vironova Biosafety currently consists of four people who work with virus validation studies and related tasks, as well as development work.

2017 | 03 | 15

Record turnover for NOW Electronics in its first year as a Vironova-owned company

2016 saw Mikael Wik appointed as new CEO and a record sales performance that beat all previous years, with a turnover of 25,9 MSEK. The two founders and previous leaders since 1985 continue to be active in sales and business development.

“Acquisition of NOW is of great value in strengthening our technical edge, for example in developing the camera for MiniTEM. We look forward to many more advances in the TEM technology and infrastructure” says Mohammed Homman, CEO, Vironova.

NOW continues to grow, with a focus on new recruitments. The latest addition is a female with a degree in mechanics. Moving forward, NOW will focus on long-term projects as well as the life science sector. The core business of in-house consulting will of course continue.

2017 | 03 | 02

European MiniTEM seminar; “Automated virus particle characterization”, March 30 in Leiden

Everybody with a need to speed up process development or secure final product quality of virus particle based therapeutics should attend this seminar. The event offers an opportunity to learn about Vironova’s solutions for nanoparticle characterization directly from the developers and experts.

In addition, invited speakers from key players in the gene therapeutics industry will share their thoughts on current trends and challenges associated with quality control.

Case studies on automated purity and integrity analysis of gene therapy vectors using MiniTEM will be presented. Enabling of automation will be explained through a live demonstration of the MiniTEM system.

The event will take place at Biotech Training Facility in the Bio Science Park in Leiden, Holland.

2017 | 02 | 28

Vironova AB is a partner in a Big Data and Computational Science project that has received 29 M SEK in funding from the Swedish foundation for Strategic Research.

Vironova AB is once again a participant in a cutting-edge research program, this time in a Big Data and Computational Science entitled program “Hierarchical Analysis of Temporal and Spatial Image Data.”
Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images contain very rich information and data-volumes. This program enables valuable knowledge exchange in handling massive amounts of image data and will allow further development of the Vironova TEM-based technologies for access to a wider community. It is also an important milestone towards digital ultrapathology.

The project is headed by Professor Carolina Wählby, Uppsala University, Dept. Information Technology and Vironova is represented by CTO Ida-Maria Sintorn. Other partners are Astra Zeneca and SciLifeLab.

2017 | 02 | 23

Vironova AB signs one-year agreement with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to beta test proprietary Vironova Analyzing Software (VAS).

In one of the fastest growing drug development areas today, nano-particles (for example liposomes), visible using electron microscopy, are used to deliver drugs to their exact targets in the body.

Proprietary Vironova Analyzing Software (VAS) in combination with Cryo-transmission electron microscopy (cryoTEM) enables semi-automated image analysis of liposomes, providing accurate, reproducible and timely results.

“Beta-testing is designed to help us accelerate development and improve the robustness and user friendliness of VAS. This is a very valuable compliment to the input from our internal microscopists who work with liposome characterization,” says Nina Ewerlöf, Head of Vironova instruments and software.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration's National Center for Toxicological Research is a global resource for innovative scientific solutions in support of the agency’s mission to improve public health.

2017 | 02 | 16

Vironova is together with AstraZeneca part of a drug delivery technology Industrial Research Centre which has received 75M SEK from the Swedish foundation for Strategic Research (SSF).

At Vironova we are proud about being part of this new FoRmulaEx centre that has been recognized by SSF to meet the highest international scientific standards. The FoRmulaEx centre will develop methods for efficient and robust delivery of complex, oligonucleotide drugs. Our participation is an endorsement of our leading position in enabling electron microscopy technologies that help to speed up product development and secure final product quality in the pharmaceutical industry.

2017 | 01 | 03

Open position: Scientist with extensive experience in nsTEM & cryoTEM

As the demand for our services increases we need to extend our team and are looking for someone with experience in both nsTEM and cryoTEM. You will join a team of scientists focusing on timely delivery of projects to high quality to a global pool of clients.

2016 | 12 | 16

Article published in Bioprocess International

Ask the Expert article "Reveal Information That Provides Insights” in the December issue of BioProcess International.
The article features Josefina Nilsson and Gustaf Kylberg who present the benefits of using MiniTEM in purity analysis during process development.

2016 | 12 | 07

Notice of extra general meeting

Shareholders of Vironova AB (publ), are hereby invited to the extra general meeting on Wednesday, December 21, 2016 at. 15:00 at company headquarters, Gävlegatan 22, exit C, 113 30 Stockholm, Sweden

2016 | 11 | 22

Interview in DI Digital with tech-investor Eva Redhe, shareholder in Vironova.

Eva is recognized by DI Digital as one of Sweden’s most powerful tech-investors. She has a long career in the financial sector. After 30 years in the industry, as an entrepreneur and an employee at Investor, she completed her operative career as CEO and Chairman of Erik Penser Bank in 2008.

2016 | 11 | 03

His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf price for remarkable entrepreneurial achievements to Mohammed Homman, founder and CEO of Vironova

Mohammed receives the price as a recognition for his open minded, energetic and solution oriented approach that has resulted in positioning Vironova as a highly versatile and multicultural working place and a company that attracts top talents that delivers disruptive technology for sub-visible particle characterization. The jury describes Mohammed Homman as an important role model that proves the potential of having an open and versatile Swedish society.

2016 | 10 | 28

Vironova is moving into new facilities

Vironova is growing. There is no room for us anymore in our current place. Every week there are new additions to our team and our EM facilities are expanding in order to meet the growing demand for services as well as to be able to store and service our MiniTEM systems. We are moving to a nice, sunny and spacious place just next door in the same building that is currently being set up for us. Next week all arrangements are ready and we will move in.

2016 | 10 | 21

Future forces forum: International platform for trends & technologies in defence and security

Date: October 19-21 in Prague
A Medical Workshop where Ida-Maria Sintorn presented “MiniTEM- a Broad Range Viral Pathogen Detection System” . Vironova and Delong Instruments had a joint booth at the event. You also from the image get a flavor of the field based modular labs and hospitals that are applied in the field in case of an emergent pathogen outbreak– a situation where MiniTEM could potentially be a tool.

2016 | 10 | 17

Open position: Quality Assurance Manager

We are looking for someone who will take responsibility for Vironova’s QA work together with other employees within the unit.

2016 | 10 | 07

Vironova at Biotech Week in Boston

The workshop “Reveal Information that Gives Insights – New Approaches to Sub-Visible Particle Characterization” by Gustaf together with Josefina Nilsson, head of EM services gave an in depth presentation on how to automatically acquire an accurate purity metrics as well as visual proof of Adenovirus particle samples at different steps in the purification process.

2016 | 10 | 07

Vironova at Biotech Week in Boston

The new MiniTEM low voltage transmission electron microscope system was introduced for the first time to a larger audience at the Boston Biotech Week. A steady stream of visitors working in downstream applications covering biologics and gene therapy came to the booth to get a demonstration. Gustaf Kylberg, technical product owner was very busy explaining the automated purity analysis the system enables. The small size of the system together with the fact that it is very easy to operate generated a lot of enthusiasm and happy exclamations.

2016 | 10 | 07

Webinar: Reveal information that Gives Insights: New Approaches to Sub-Visible Particle Characterization

Date: October 19
Time: 11:00am - 11:15am EDT

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How MiniTEM automatically images, detects and classifies a large number of particles resulting in statistically significant and reproducible data.
  • How a metric for sample purity based on the ratio of the total area of debris to that of intact Adenovirus particles is applied.
  • How analysis using MiniTEM saves about 65 hours compared with manual operation.

2016 | 09 | 23

Open position: Field engineer

We are looking for a Field Engineer to join our Instruments group who will work with technical sales, installation, technical support and troubleshooting with our customers.

2016 | 08 | 10

Vironova workshop at Biotech Week Boston:
Reveal information that Gives Insights – New Approaches to Sub-Visible Particle Characterization

Dr. Josefina Nilsson, Head of EM services and Dr. Gustaf Kylberg, Product Manager MiniTEM, Vironova AB

A case study on how to speed up time to insight during purification and formulation development. The purity of two different Adenovirus samples were compared and analyzed. Automated image acquisition and particle classification was performed using MiniTEMTM -a compact, low voltage transmission electron microscope. High quality images and accurate quantitative data were obtained in less than 4h.

Date: 6 October
Time: 12:35 pm - 1:05 pm

2016 | 07 | 04

Ask the Expert editorial in Bioprocess International

Josefina Nilsson, head of Vironova EM services, is featured in the editorial article in the June issue of Bioprocess International where she describes how electron microscopy and image analysis performed by Vironova provide all the structural information needed for effective and high-quality research, development and manufacturing of gene and drug delivery systems.

2016 | 06 | 08

White paper: A comparative study of MiniTEM versus DLS and NTA.

This study compares the performance and the ability to detect the Adeno associated virus particles (AAV) of interest and distinguish them from contaminating proteasomes.

2016 | 06 | 07

NOW electronics, subsidiary of Vironova, appoints new CEO

“We are very happy to welcome Mikael Wik on board, he will be a very important contributor for driving the continued growth of Vironova” says Mohammed Homman, CEO Vironova.

2016 | 05 | 23

ProViz: A new software for easy and intuitive visualisation and analysis of electron tomograms with low signal-to-noise ratio.

Visual understanding is a key aspect when studying electron tomography data-sets, aside quantitative assessments such as registration of high-resolution structures. In a recently published article, Vironova CTO Ida-Maria Sintorn and co-authors present the free software tool ProViz (Protein Visualization) for visualisation and template matching in electron tomograms of biological samples.

2016 | 04 | 07

VIP event attracts Life science leaders for MiniTEM sneak peak

The Vironova MiniTEM event in conjunction to the BioSpring Europe Stockholm meeting attracted more than 40 carefully selected VIP guests in leading positions from the Life Science industry. The first manufactured series of the MiniTEM microscope was presented accompanied by wine tasting in a nice atmosphere at the 33rd floor of the BioSpring conference venue.

2015 | 12 | 16

Vironova acquires NOW Electronics AB in Kista, Sweden

The acquisition of NOW is part of a long term plan of Vironova of building a strong technology platform to enable further development of electron microscopy based analysis tools for nanoparticle characterization. Vironova has together with NOW developed a camera specialized for electron microscopy use.

2015 | 11 | 27

Vironova recruits Chief Financial Officer

“We are happy to welcome Niklas Norén, our new CFO, to the Vironova team. Niklas brings extensive experience from rapidly growing listed and unlisted companies from various industries where he has gained a vast experience in introducing companies to a commercial phase as well as the capital market,” comments Mohammed Homman, Founder and CEO of Vironova AB.

Niklas’s experience from the Pharmaceutical industry includes work with Medivir and Johnson & Johnson.

2015 | 07 | 01

Vironova recruits Marketing Strategist

“We are happy to welcome Nina Forsberg, our new marketing strategist, to the Vironova team. Nina brings extensive experience from the Pharmaceutical industry where she has gained a vast experience introducing new products to the Pharmaceutical market,” comments Mohammed Homman, Founder and CEO of Vironova AB.

Nina’s experience from the Pharmaceutical industry includes work at Roche, Amersham and GE Healthcare.


Upcoming events 2017

Recent webinar - now available on demand
“Automated purity and integrity check of gene therapy vectors”
Speakers are Josefina Nilsson, Head of Vironova EM Services and Martin Ryner, Manager strategic development at Vironova.
Watch the webinar here.

BioProcess International (BPI ) 2017 Summit
April 25-26 in Amsterdam

  • Exhibition of MiniTEM

  • Oral Tuesday April 25, 3.00 - 3.30 pm
    “Characterization of gene therapy vectors, VLPs and whole viruses from pre-formulation through process development to final manufacturing”
    Speaker: Josefina Nilsson, Head of Vironova EM services

Bioprocess International & Cell and gene therapy bioprocessing
September 25-28 in Boston

  • Exhibition of MiniTEM

  • Technology workshop (title and speaker to be confirmed)

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