VAS - Vironova Analyzer Software

VAS - Vironova Analyzer Software

Save time with automated and accurate particle detection

Vironova Analyzer Software (VAS )is designed for the analysis of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images of nanoparticles such as VLP’s, liposomes, viruses and inorganic materials. Morphological data and metrics are automatically extracted into graph- plotting and report- generating tools. Using VAS for automated nanoparticle detection can save up to 6 hours per sample compared to manual approaches.


Empty/full analysis

Vironova Analyzer Software provides objective quantitative data regarding the degree of packaging for each particle and on the distribution of filled vs. empty particles for a given batch.

Bilayer thickness

Electron microscopy (EM) imaging in combination VAS gives an excellent approach to visualize and determine the thickness of liposomal bilayers, as well as the lamellarity of liposomes.

Size distribution

Properties such as particle size and circularity are important physical characteristics that need to be analyzed. The size of liposomes may influence targeting and drug delivery.

Full traceability

Secure database with full traceability, audit support, SOP’s, documentation for GMP validation and electronic signatures – compliant for use in GMP regulated environments.

Automatic detection

Automated detection of particles and extraction of morphological data and other metrics.

Annotation and measurements

Easy to use broad range of annotation and measurement tools for verified particles.

Report generator

Display results in graphs and tables by using the automated report generator.