EM services and products

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MiniTEM brochure

MiniTEM offers an in-house solution that enables non-experts in electron microscopy to rapidly obtain meaningful nanoparticle characterization data.

MiniTEM data sheet

MiniTEM has been developed speci cally for nanoparticle characterization and this has determined the resolution and voltage speci cations of the system.

Automated integrity analysis

This study highlights the possibility of automated viral integrity measurements of Adeno-associated virus (AAV) and Adenovirus particles and underscores the importance of these measurements being performed in on-grid areas with appropriate stain quality.


On demand webinars

Automated purity and integrity analysis of gene therapy vectors

In this webinar a case study is presented how the integrity and purity of Adeno-associated virus (AAV) and Adenovirus particles can be measured automatically.

Viral clearance

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Vironova Biosafety services

Vironova Biosafety is a contract research organization (CRO), specialized in performing viral clearance studies on biologics. Services include viral clearance GLP studies, non-GLP-studies, consultation and virus and cell production.

Vironova Biosafety consultancy services

Additional services, e.g.compilation of viral risk assessment reports.

Statement of GLP compliance

A renewed GLP certificate was issued in November 2015 after full inspection by the Swedish regulatory authority, Swedac. Our facilities were found to be in compliance with GLP, with no remarks.