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Vironova AB

Revolutionizing transmission electron microscopy for sub-visible particle analysis

Vironova is a Swedish biotechnology company providing comprehensive hardware, software and services for the analysis of nanoparticles.

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Advanced and automated transmission electron microscopy systems

Electron microscopy services (EMS) provided from the world's only GMP certified lab

Cutting-edge, user-friendly and accessible AI based software for image analysis

Viral clearance studies (phase I and II) and risk assessments

We are a complete provider of solutions to the biopharmaceutical industry.

With our deep and extensive knowledge within biotechnology and TEM, we are a suitable partner in solving the more complex analysis problems while ensuring a compliant processes.

Making the invisible visible today

Founded in Stockholm in 2005, Vironova is a world leading partner to the global life science community in the development of novel therapies for tomorrow.

By combining hardware and software solutions for advanced electron microscopy analysis, we support our partners through the whole value chain. From initial sample preparation to imaging and final analytical result, our dedicated team provide insightful and actionable data. We empower clients to make better-informed decisions, to create value and ensure safety for patients worldwide.

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Our product and service portfolio

Two employees working with the MiniTEM system


An in-house TEM solution that enables non-experts in electron microscopy to rapidly obtain meaningful nanoparticle characterization data.



An automated and versatile system for analysis and characterization of applications in biotherapeutic development and production.

Employee working in our electron microscopy services preparing sample

Electron Microscopy Services

A GMP certified service provider of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis, specialized for biopharmaceuticals.

Person working with a sample

Vironova Biosafety

A GLP certified contract research organization (CRO) specialized in viral clearance studies for biological drugs. We work in BSLII and BSLIII certified cell and virus laboratories.

Vironova employees working with our software VAS on a computer with two screens

Vironova Analysis Software (VAS)

A tool for computer-assisted analysis of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images in a GMP compliant environment.

An close up image on our software VIAS

Vironova Imaging and Analysis Software (VIAS)

An intuitive software used to control the microscope, visualize samples, and analyze data with little previous knowledge.

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Vironova employee working at our MiniTEM system

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