Influenza VLP – purity

Six influenza VLP samples subjected to the same upstream and downstream process steps were analyzed by MiniTEM.
These VLP samples are the result of VLP production with different strains from different subtypes of the influenza
virus. The goal was to assess, for each sample, the amount of the amount of VLP particles with spikes, particles similar
to VLPs without spikes and to detect baculovirus presence.

Four distinct particle classes were found:

• Baculovirus shaped particles (Baculo-like)
• Bright particles with prominent spikes (Bright spiked)
• Dark particles with prominent spikes (Spiked)
• Particles without spikes (Non-spiked)The left column shows the original images and the right shows the detected particles color-coded with their corresponding class.
The Baculo-like particles are shown in magenta, the bright spiked in yellow, dark spiked in green and non-spiked particles in red.

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