Objective characterization of liposomal drug delivery platforms

Liposomal particles for drug delivery

Our analysis services include assessment of quality attributes recommended in regulatory guidelines for drug delivery nanoparticles such as particle size distribution, particle morphology (including shape and lamellar structure), loading efficiency of liposomes (often referred to as ratio of filled vs empty), physical state of the encapsulated drug substance and more.

Cryo-transmission electron microscopy (cryoTEM) combined with image analysis using proprietary Vironova Analyzing Software (VAS) enables reliable quantitative data.

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Particle size distribution
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Size distribution of liposomes detected with VAS

Morphology including circularity
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Shape (circularity) distribution analysis of liposomes detected by VAS

Packaging efficiency (full/empty ratio)
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VAS software allows objective determination of drug content of liposomes

The VAS software measures whether the liposomes contain the drug or not. The program then presents a bar chart. The output of VAS analysis is a report with quantitative data.

Liposomal lamellarity
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VAS is employed to quantify lamillarity classes

Thickness of liposomal bilayer
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High magnification cryoTEM of liposomes supports measurements of bilayer thickness

The graph shows the thickness distribution in nm.

These analyses are part of our standard service offering. Take a closer look at VAS if you have your own acquired TEM images to analyze.

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