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Powerful EM analysis provides images and quantitative data on virus integrity and purity

Gene therapy / Viral and VLP based vaccines

A fundamental challenge in manufacturing virus-based products is achieving sufficient purity while maintaining virus integrity. TEM is a direct visual method that provides high-resolution morphology information on viruses and their associated impurities.

For viral characterization, Vironova services offer a complete EM analysis package that includes both negative stain transmission electron microscopy and cryo-transmission electron microscopy.  Each of these methods provides powerful image datasets representative of the sample and a report that highlights the sample morphology with a graphical presentation of quantitative data and conclusions from the analysis. 

In addition to our TEM services, we also offer MiniTEM – a movable 25kV TEM microscope with a high level of automation and ~1nm resolution. MiniTEM allows a user-friendly electron microscopy technology for viral characterization to be put in the hands of any process developer in the gene therapy or vaccine field.

With MiniTEM you can carry out automated viral characterization studies in your own lab, close to your process.

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