MiniTEM is a recommended analytical tool for the EU definition of nanomaterial

Automated MiniTEM analysis of material properties

MiniTEM has been selected as a recommended analytical tool within the ”NanoDefiner e-Tool” project. The objective of this project is to support the implementation of the EU Recommendation on the Definition of Nanomaterial and guide potential end-users, such as concerned industries and regulatory bodies in reliably classifying nano-material. Within this project, experts have developed a panel of validated measurement methods, techniques, instruments and software to classify existing and new advanced materials. A comprehensive evaluation of the performance of current characterization techniques, instruments and software has been performed according to their capacity to reliably measure size distribution of particulates in the range 1-100 nm. 

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Automated MiniTEM size analysis of nanoparticles in material science is 5-10 times faster than manual TEM.


Gold nanoparticles

Calcium carbonate

Particle size A
Particle size B

These analyses are examples of those offered by our services. If you wish to run your own automated analyses – take a closer look at our MiniTEM system.

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