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Enhance the quality of your Adenoviral Vector samples with our state-of-the-art ns-TEM and cryo-TEM analysis. Gain insights into overall morphology, integrity, impurities, and aggregation, for optimal safety and efficacy of your product.


Secure the efficiency of your adenoviral vector production process with TEM

The overall morphology includes the integrity of the adenovirus particles, the presence of debris/impurities, and the characterization of clusters/aggregations. The morphology of the adenovirus particles as well as the structural features of the hexons that constitute the adenovirus capsid.

Figure 3_Adenovirus_nsTEM

The appearance of disassembled adenovirus segments, hexons, and fibers  (left), as well as impurities in the background (right), may guide processing decisions regarding purification methods.

Visualize and quantify clusters and aggregates for informed decisions

Gain valuable insights about your formulation with our advanced visualization and quantification of clusters and aggregates using imaging analysis. Figure 4_Adenovirus_Aggregation_nsTEM

Elevate your sample analysis with our advanced technology, transforming visual information into actionable insights for better decision-making. Our representative histogram (left) demonstrates the power of our analysis, converting cluster/aggregates and individual particle images into quantifiable data. The corresponding images (middle and right) display detected clusters/aggregates and individual particles, overlaid with red and blue outlines respectively.

Delve into the internal structure of adenoviral vectors with our powerful combination of Cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy (cryo-TEM) and proprietary VAS software. CryoTEM reveals variations in internal density.


CryoTEM image analyzed using VAS showcasing adenovirus particles with diverse internal densities (left), and their classification based on internal density profiles (right).

Harness the power of VAS for in-depth analysis and valuable insights into adenoviral vectors productionFigure2_adenovirusCryoTEM

Our advanced VAS software works seamlessly with cryo-TEM images to provide accurate statistical data, differentiating between Type I and Type II adenovirus particles. A representative histogram (left) highlights Type I (red - high density) and Type II (blue - low density) adenovirus vectors particle analysis. The corresponding image (right) displays the detected and classified particles, overlaid with red and blue circles.

Assessing the Quality and Stability of Adenovirus-based Vectors using TEM

Evaluate the quality and stability of your adenovirus-based vectors using advanced imaging techniques such as cryo-TEM and nsTEM. These methods provide valuable information on the integrity of the particles, enabling optimization of production and storage conditions to ensure their effectiveness in gene therapy and vaccine development.

Figure 5_Adenovirus_cryoTEM and nsTEM

Visualizing and quantifying the integrity of Adenovirus particles with Particle Integrity Classification Overlay for Accurate Quality Assessment.

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Can TEM be used to study aggregation?
nsTEM can be used for aggregation studies, ideal for comparing samples with similar formulations. Analyzing individual samples is also possible with optimization. Please contact us for further information.

What is the optimal buffer composition of the sample in terms of sugar, salt, and others?

What level of biosafety is avaiable for sample analysis at Vironova?
Our GMP-certified laboratory in Stockholm is equipped to perform TEM analysis on samples up to biosafety level 2.

Although Vironova is a specialist in GMP-certified analysis, is it possible to perform a non-GMP analysis?
Yes, we provide non-GMP analysis in cases where there is no requirement for GMP compliance.


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