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GMP-Certified TEM Laboratory for Viral Vectors and Therapeutic Nanoparticles


Experience the Future of quality control with AI-Powered Image Analysis.

At Vironova Bioanalytics, we've created the world's first and only GMP-certified TEM laboratory, focusing on the quality control of viral vectors and therapeutic nanoparticles. Our state-of-the-art facility, equipped with AI-driven TEM image analysis, ensures unparalleled accuracy, consistency, and reproducibility for your nanoparticle research. Discover the transformative potential of VAS in revolutionizing your TEM analysis experience.

World-Class Facility: Where Innovation Meets Quality

At our unique GMP-certified TEM laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden, we combine cutting-edge technology with world-class expertise to provide an unmatched level of service and support for your viral vector and therapeutic nanoparticle development projects. Our facility is equipped to handle biosafety level 1 and 2 (BSL1 and BSL2) sample handling, ensuring the highest standards of safety and compliance. This exceptional combination allows us to deliver unparalleled results, empowering your success in today's competitive biopharmaceutical landscape.  

Unveiling the Secrets of Viral Vectors and Therapeutic Nanoparticles using TEM

Discover the hidden potential of your viral vectors and therapeutic nanoparticles with our advanced TEM technology. Our state-of-the-art instrumentation offers high-resolution imaging that reveals critical information about the morphology and composition of these vital particles, empowering you with the knowledge to optimize your product and achieve superior performance.

Revolutionizing Viral Vector Quality Control with Advanced TEM Technology

TEM is a powerful imaging technique that enables high-resolution visualization of viral vectors at the nanoscale. It is invaluable for quality control in biopharmaceutical development, as it allows for in-depth characterization of particle morphology, size distribution, and purity. By identifying potential impurities, aggregates, or structural defects, TEM ensures the integrity and efficacy of viral vectors for their intended therapeutic applications.

Quality Control with AI-Driven Precision 

At Vironova Bioanalytics, we understand the importance of quality control in the Life science industry. Our proprietary Vironova Analysis Software (VAS) leverages cutting-edge AI technology to provide an accurate, reliable, and efficient analysis of TEM images. It ensures the highest level of quality in your biopharmaceutical projects with VAS's advanced image analysis capabilities.

Unbiased Particle Classification: Harnessing the Power of AI

VAS utilizes support vector machines (SVM), a supervised learning method, to enable the automatic and unbiased classification of nanoparticles. By training the SVM classifier on a set of manually classified particles, VAS can accurately analyze new, unclassified particles. This AI-powered approach eliminates human bias, offering objective and precise results.

Experience the Power of Transformative Nanoparticle Characterization

We specialize in nanoparticle analysis in the fields of gene therapy, vaccines, and drug delivery. Harness the potential of direct imaging with TEM to reveal vital insights into your samples, addressing multiple crucial questions in one go: 

  • Is all host cell debris effectively removed during downstream purification?

  • Has the particle morphology or integrity been compromised due to unsuitable conditions?

  • Are there any product aggregates resulting from upstream operations or suboptimal downstream conditions?

  • What is the diversity of morphological particles in your sample and their respective proportions?

Comprehensive Services: Your Success, Our Priority

With VAS integrated into our GMP-certified TEM laboratory, Vironova Bioanalytics offers a comprehensive solution for your biopharmaceutical development needs. Key features:

  • AI-based software for unbiased particle classification

  • Experts in the field

  • Comprehensive audit trail for all user operations

  • Digitally signed analysis report

  • Results in 10 business days







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