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Your first choice of provider of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis of vaccines, gene therapy and drug delivery particles such as viruses and liposomes.

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Transmission electron microscopy experts

GMP certified

Transmission electron microscopy experts

What we do

Vironova’s EM services is a GMP certified service provider of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis. Vironova specializes in nanoparticle analysis with a specific focus on the characterization of components that are used for vaccines and gene-therapies. We have full GMP certified analysis which could effectively address safety, efficacy, and stability of products.

EM services offers a complete TEM analysis package that includes both negative stain TEM (nsTEM) and cryogenic TEM (cryoTEM). Each analysis report provides useful morphological information that is translated into quantitative and qualitative data that aids in faster and informed decision.


Our workflow

When you choose Vironova AB to perform electron microscopy services for your products there is a small workflow of procedures to be followed. We will accompany you along the process and will do our best that your results are delivered as fast as it is possible.


Our senior scientists can help you if you have scientific questions regarding your samples and analysis using TEM. When you decide to do the analysis at Vironova, we will initiate the project by preparing the necessary documents according to our procedures. Our “delivery team” will also guide you to ship your samples correctly. The analysis will be performed by our senior scientist and the analytical report will be finalized and send to you within 2 weeks after the project started.

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Download example reports

Access example reports of AAV analyses using cryoTEM, characterization of lentivirus by cryoTEM/nsTEM and and other analyses here.

Download example reports

Our portfolio of analyses

Sample purity, particle size, shape and overall morphology are often directly correlated to the efficacy and safety of the end drug product. TEM is an unmatched technology for visualizing and understanding particle characteristics and seeing what happens when conditions are changed in upstream and downstream processes or product formulations.

There are a variety of nanoparticles that can be tested and analysed using TEM, at EM services we specialize in the following type of nanoparticles:

If you do not find your type of samples in the list above, please contact us. Our team of experts will suggest the type of TEM analysis suitable for your product.

Employee working with a sample in the Vironova EMS laboratory

Visualization of our portfolio of analyses

Below you can find a visualization of our portfolio of analyzes by technique and analysis method.

Note: Scroll the table sideways to see all information.

TEM technique Analysis Type of particles
AAV vectors Adenovirus vectors Lentiviral vectors Liposomes and drug delivery systems Extracellular vesicles
nsTEM Sample morphology          
Aggregation     *   *
Particle size distribution          
CryoTEM Packaging analysis          
Thickness of bilayer          

*Analysis subjected to discussion with the client

Our GMP certified laboratory

Vironova has a GMP certificate of a manufacturer from the Swedish Medical Products Agency. Quoting the Swedish Medical Products Agency we are able to perform “Testing with the purpose of characterization, evaluation, quality assessment and quality control of particles in micro and nanometer scale (drug substances, intermediate drug substances, drug products) using negative stain TEM (nsTEM) and cryogenic TEM (cryoTEM) with semi-automatic particle detection and analysis using software”.


Software designated for TEM image analysis

Our service team uses our proprietary Vironova Analyzer software (VAS) for the analysis of TEM images of nanoparticles. The software automates the extraction of morphological data and measurements from the TEM images for graphical presentation and statistical analysis. The automation that VAS provides allows Vironova EM services to deliver high-quality images and accurate quantitative data timely and cost-effectively.

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Access and download example reports

By submitting this form you will access example reports of various analyses of e.g. AAVs, liposomes, adenoviruses and lentiviral vectors using both nsTEM and cryoTEM.

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