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Transmission electron microscopy services

AAV Express

Need quick imaging and analyses to determine next steps in your process?

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Our AAV Express service offers a guaranteed 4-business days turnaround time* for AAV particle analyses, along with our signature expertise and quality. 

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With Vironova, you get

  • Services performed in the world’s only GMP-certified TEM laboratory
  • Images and analyses made with our unique, proprietary
    FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software
  • Accurate, traceable and consistent results
  • All analysis data collected in one comprehensive report

Need quick full/empty capsid ratio data to decide about next steps in your project? Contact us to hear how we can help!

* consecutive days in laboratory, from start of analysis to final delivery of reports and images

  World's only GMP-certified TEM laboratory

AAV Express for your project

Please submit the form and one of our TEM experts will contact you to discuss the details. 

Submission of the form will put you in contact with our experts to discuss AAV Express services for your project. Form submission does not guarantee an AAV Express spot and is not a booking.