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Vironova offers a complete GMP-certified TEM analysis package that includes both negative stain (nsTEM) analysis and cryogenic (cryoTEM) analysis, each providing powerful image datasets, quantitative data, and conclusions from the analysis.

There are a variety of nanoparticles that can be tested and analysed using TEM, at EM services we specialize in the following type of nanoparticles:

If you do not find your type of samples in the list above, please contact us. Our team of experts will suggest the type of TEM analysis suitable for your product.


Our lab is the only GMP-certified laboratory in the world.

Use our fast lane

Currently available for AAV projects, our fast lane offers a guaranteed turnover time of only 4 business days.

Our fast lane provides the same expertise but it speeds up your bioprocessing project timeline. Your project can be executed in our GMP-certified laboratory if needed.

Capture spot in fast lane

An illustration of the fast lane process with the three stages sample shipments, analysis and delivery reports and images


Visualization of analyses

Below you can find a visualization of our portfolio of analyzes by technique and analysis method.

TEM technique Analysis Type of particles
AAV vectors Adenovirus vectors Lentiviral vectors Liposomes and drug delivery systems Extracellular vesicles
nsTEM Sample morphology          
Aggregation     *   *
Particle size distribution          
CryoTEM Packaging analysis          
Thickness of bilayer          

*Analysis subjected to discussion with the client

Download example reports

We have various example reports of different types of analyses available for you to download. The reports give you a deeper insight in what to expect from hiring our electron microscopy services.

The example reports are free and easily accessed by submitting a form. Just click the button below to get to the submission page.

Download example reports
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