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ViroTEM is an advanced transmission electron microscope (TEM) system. It's perfectly designed for biotherapeutic applications, especially those involving viral structure.

The system will provide your organization with reliable data analysis with safe storage of data. ViroTEM is using Vironova Imaging and Analysis Software (VIAS). VIAS enables semi-automatic image acquisition, data analysis as well as data presentation. Using this software, you will empower advanced particle characterization, classification and measurements. 

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The main applications of the ViroTEM are:

  • Determine particle size distributions of viral vectors and sample components.
  • Verify sample purity to verify downstream process capabilities and/or batch-to-batch variation.
  • Assess particle integrity when making changes in process conditions, including formulation buffers.
  • Visualize sample morphology to extract structural information about the sample.
  • Identify sample contaminants such as viruses (e.g. in cell bank characterization) or bacteriophage (e.g. in investigations of fermenter contaminations).

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