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Vironova - How it all started

Benefits of TEM


Assessment of the percentage of full recombinant adeno-associated virus particles in a gene therapy drug using CryoTEM (2022)
PLoS ONE 17(6): e0269139. Joint study with Takeda. First author Mathieu Colomb-Delsuc, Vironova AB.


Finding critical quality parameters using TEM-based image analysis
Josefina Nilsson; Presented at the 5th Bioprocessing Summit Europe, 2022

TEM analysis of purity, integrity and formulation changes in the production of viral vectors and vaccines
Qiong Wu; Presented at the 13th Annual Bioprocessing Summit, 2021

Harnessing the power of TEM and AI for rapid and routine analytical insights for gene therapy development
Saba Hussein Gore; Presented at the 4th Bioprocessing Summit Europe, 2021

TEM services

Brochures and data sheets

Nanoparticle image analysis - Assessing quality and stability with TEM

White papers

Liposome characterization for drug delivery applications
Objective characterization of liposomal drug delivery platforms: Using cryoTEM and designated image analysis software

TEM instruments and software

Brochures and data sheets

MiniTEM™ - Designed for nanoparticle characterization
MiniTEM TEM-based analysis system
Data sheet

Characterization of AAV samples using TEM
MiniTEM and TEM Services overview with AAV focus

ViroTEM TEM-based analysis system
Data sheet

VIAS - Vironova Imaging and Analysis Software
Data sheet

VAS - Vironova Analyzer Software

White papers

Automated integrity analysis of AAV and Adenovirus
This study highlights the possibility of automated viral integrity measurements of AAV and Adenovirus particles. The analysis is performed using MiniTEM-enabled automated imaging, particle detection, classification and quantification. It provides a metric for determining the proportion of intact or broken particles in virus samples.

Automated purity analysis of Adenovirus samples
A metric for sample purity based on the ratio of the total area of debris to that of intact Adenovirus particles is presented in this study.

A comparative study of MiniTEM vs. DLS and NTA
Comparing MiniTEM with DLS Zetasizer Nano and NTA nanoSight NS300 performance when analyzing < 50 nm particles


Key considerations in gene therapy manufacturing for commercialization
Discussion about gene therapy manufacturing, including the latest in manufacturing methods, analytical analysis, and key regulatory considerations

Case study

Detection of hemagglutinin spikes on influenza VLPs using automated MiniTEM analysis
In this case study, six different purified influenza VLP samples taken after the downstream process were analyzed. Relative quantification of influenza VLP particles with hemagglutinin spikes, as well as the amount of particles without spikes, debris and baculovirus in each sample, was calculated and presented graphically. This information can be used to confirm that critical morphological features are maintained, and impurities removed, during the manufacturing process.


MiniTEM explained - Meaningful analytics data save time in gene therapy development

MiniTEM - low voltage transmission electron microscope

ViroTEM - A partnership between Hitachi High-Tech and Vironova

MiniTEM sample holder maintenance (EN)
Maintenance du porte échantillon (FR)

How to remove a sample using VIAS 3.x (EN)
Comment retirer un échantillon du MiniTEM™ 3.x (FR)

How to insert a sample using VIAS 3.x (EN)
Comment insérer un échantillon dans le MiniTEM 3.x (FR)

How to create a statistical analysis tree with VIAS 3.x

Sample preparation for MiniTEM grids: Grid glow discharge

Sample preparation for MiniTEM grids: Negative staining

Sample preparation for MiniTEM grids: Negative staining in a biosafety cabinet


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Our portfolio of analyses

Sample purity, particle size, shape, and overall morphology are often directly correlated to the efficacy and safety of the end drug product. TEM is an unmatched technology for visualizing and understanding particle characteristics and seeing what happens when conditions are changed in upstream and downstream processes or product formulations.

A wide range of nanoparticles can be tested and analyzed using TEM. At Vironova we specialize in the following:

For other particles, please contact us. Our experts will suggest a TEM analysis method suitable for your product.

Employee working with a sample in the Vironova EMS laboratory

GMP-certified laboratory

Vironova holds a Certificate of GMP Compliance of a Manufacturer issued by the Swedish Medical Products Agency.

Quoting the Swedish Medical Products Agency, the certificate is for
“Testing with the purpose of characterization, evaluation, quality assessment and quality control of particles in micro and nanometre scale (drug substances, intermediate drug substances, drug products) using negative stain Transmission Electron Microscopy and cryogenic Transmission Electron Microscopy with semi-automatic particle detection and analysis using software”.

More about our GMP certificate

Two people working in white lab coats in our GMP certified laboratory

Download example reports

Example reports are available for the following analyses:

  • AAVs
  • Adenoviral vectors
  • Lentiviral vectors
  • Liposomes
  • Doxorubicin liposomes
  • Extracellular vesicles