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Artificial Intelligence Leadership and Lifelong Learning

Vironova's COO, Maria Homman was recently involved in staging a seminar and debate at IVA (The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences) as part of the IFG Leadership Development program. The subject translates to "AI the new leader in a digitized world?" . Heads-up, the seminar is in Swedish.

Amongst other things you can hear an account of Professor Robert Langer's leadership (the most cited engineer ever and who has started over 40 companies) at 9:10 minutes into the seminar and a very interesting debate on leadership and AI that follows. Well worth listening to.

Panel discussion members

Elena Fersman, Director, Machine Intelligence and Automation Research Ericsson

Fredrik Heintz, Associate Professor at Linköpings University and member of EUs High Level Expert Group on AI

Peter Larsson, Senior Advisor Sveriges Ingenjörer

Kristina Lovén Seldén,  Investigator, TCO

Ishtar Touailat, Head of Innovation Incubation at Tieto Data-Driven Business


The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences IFG Leadership Program

The program is based on collegial learning and study visits to members’ companies, providing the participants with deep insights into R&D processes and public authorities’ function in different sectors.

The IFG members all have leadership responsibility in research and development and each represent a unique field within the group. Together they largely cover areas considered of strategic importance for the future of Swedish industry.

Participating in this program is a truly invaluable experience for me in my role as COO of Vironova. There are so many impressions, contacts and valuable lessons that I believe the whole company will benefit in various ways, and over a long time, from what I can bring home from these study visits,” says Maria Homman.