Biosafety AsahiKASEI joint seminar

Joint seminar between Vironova Biosafety and AsahiKASEI on virus safety and filtration


This week Vironova Biosafety’s offices will be buzzing with distinguished visitors. Together with AsahiKASEI bioprocess we are holding a joint seminar entitled “Virus safety and virus filtration of biopharmaceuticals.”

The seminar will cover key considerations in validation of virus reduction. Applications using nanofiltration with robust virus removal will be discussed along with commonly used virus reduction steps.

AsahiKASEI ( is an established global market leader in virus filtration products and their Product Manager and Scientific Coordinator, Sebastian Teitz, will introduce virus filtration and talk about designing a virus filtration process.

Mathilda Sjöberg and Gustav Gilljam from Vironova Biosafety share their expert knowledge of sources of viral contamination and challenges in viral clearance respectively.

There’s been a lot of interest in the seminar and unfortunately attendance has reached a maximum but we will organize similar seminars in the future – watch this space!