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Download our new AAV gene therapy vectors application note


Download our new AAV gene therapy vectors application note

Are you interested in characterization of AAV gene therapy vectors? Now you can download our new application note and find out how Vironova's MiniTEM:

  • Automates imaging, particle detection and classification.
  • Visualizes your product and confirms critical quality attributes.
  • Turns visual evidence into quantitative data.
  • Generates instant results on purity and integrity that allow you to adjust the process within hours.

Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) coupled with image analysis is the best technology for visualizing and understanding nanoparticle characteristics and sample purity. The safety and efficacy of viral vector-based gene therapies, vaccines, and other drug products can often be directly correlated with sample purity, size, shape, and overall morphology of the particles that compose the active ingredient and excipients.

MiniTEM, allows manufacturers to avoid product variability and contamination through regular monitoring of a drug product’s primary particles and purity profiles during development and manufacturing processes The system provides visual proof together with quantitative data.

Since automation enables the detection and analysis of a much higher number of particles than is feasible with manual operation, the results from MiniTEM are consistent, statistically significant, and reproducible.