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Application of AI-based convolutional neural networks in TEM image analysis for gene therapy and vaccine manufacturing

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Viral vector-based vaccine and gene therapy development requires a series of analytical tests to ensure product purity, potency and safety. TEM is an emerging tool in analytical laboratories providing both qualitative and quantitative information throughout the development process..

TEM images in combination with VIAS offers a semi-automated, intuitive and scalable analysis platform for the characterization and statistical analysis of thousands of particles to rapidly guide and enhance the development process.

The combination of our unique VIAS software together with our electron microscopes, the small footprint and user friendly 25kV MiniTEM and the versatile 120kV ViroTEM encompass a set of powerful analysis systems for the development of vaccines and gene therapies.

To read and learn more - download our solution sheet.

Download our solution sheet on automated TEM image  analysis with flexible and adaptive CNN modules

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