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How Vironova can support US researchers in the fight against COVID-19

How Vironova caN support US researchers in the fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for vaccines and suitable treatment strategies for our lives to return to normal. At Vironova, we specialize in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and image analysis with a specific focus on the characterization of many of the components that are used for developing vaccines and gene-therapies and we strongly believe that we can contribute greatly in the fight against COVID-19.

Our systems can quickly capture, process, and analyze a large number of TEM images to generate robust datasets with our combination of an easy to use electron microscope coupled with powerful software VIAS (Vironova Imaging and Analysis Software). This means that we can deliver reliable data and statistics on several sample characteristics from one small aliquot (3 microliters) in a short amount of time.

The semi-automated software includes artificial intelligence (AI) specifically trained to detect and classify particles such as Adenoviral vectors, Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs), Virus-like particles (VLPs), Lentiviral vectors and Liposomes. The AI modules can quickly be plugged in to a workflow where image acquisition and analysis are performed simultaneously and automatically. Multi-parametric analysis of particles is available and can be derived from the same sample dataset for both upstream and downstream processes. Moreover, we also offer complete electron microscopy services for characterization of samples, as detailed below:

  • General morphology
  • Size distribution
  • Aggregation and clustering
  • Sample purity
  • Viral vector integrity

Our proposal and what we can offer for researchers primarily based in the USA

We have a COVID-19 focused task-force team in place with in-house experts that have prepared the following tools:

• We have used our AI-based convolutional neural network (CNN) model in VIAS and trained the algorithm to a standard where we can quickly train the model on new particles. This has been successfully performed using specific Adenoviral vectors currently used in COVID-19 vaccine trials. We can generate the CNN model branch in approximately one day, which can quickly be applied to a range of Adenoviral vector containing samples.

• We also have pre-existing CNN models available in VIAS trained on recognizing and classifying AAVs, Lentiviral vectors and Liposomes.

• Our versatile VIAS workflow also allows us to specifically tailor image analysis pipelines to classify and count other particles/features of interest (see list above).

• Our electron microscopy services are ready to receive and fast-track your samples for analysis using both nsTEM and cryoTEM techniques. All work is performed in a GMP certified laboratory for samples up to biosafety level 2.



How can you access this?

We have worked on providing three different options where the result is the same: to give you reliable and rapid particle counting and sample analysis of TEM images.

Option 1: You can send us your grids and we can image them for you at one of our systems at Vironova HQ in Stockholm : MiniTEM, ViroTEM or as part of an EMS service.

Option 2: You can send us your COVID-19 research related samples (maximum biological safety level 2) to be prepared and analyzed by nsTEM (MiniTEM, ViroTEM) or by our electron microscopy services (for nsTEM or CryoTEM in accordance to GMP, note: subject to availability) at Vironova HQ in

Option 3: You can send us your already acquired electron microscope images as OME.TIFF files and we can run the analysis on our imaging software VIAS for you on your COVID-19 related work.

Please contact your local US Account Manager (Ulla Sundberg or Chris Bishop) or us at Vironova info@vironova.com to discuss ways we can help your COVID-19 related research goals in the most timely fashion possible, whether that's
in flexible early stage R&D or late stage processes that require adherence to stringent GMP guidelines.

Download our Covid-19 solution sheet

Contact Vironova´s Covid-19 Taskforce

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