BPI Eu Summit Amsterdam – Vironova gains increasing attention from growing gene therapy segment 

This week the Vironova crew were at BPI Amsterdam with a booth and presentation. It was clear that the cell and gene therapy industry has developed rapidly the last year with the commitment of Big Pharma to cell and gene therapies. Viral vectors for therapeutic and vaccine applications are expected to become future high value products. As such, there is an increasing demand for fast, reliable, and cost efficient solutions for viral vector manufacturing. Many of the presentations during the conference were focused on how to speed up process development and at the same time secure quality, safety and efficacy through analytical data representing quality attributes of the product.

The Vironova presentation by Mathieu Colombe-Delsuc generated lots of interest and engagement from the audience. Several other program presentations by Big Pharma and biotech companies also referred to Vironova as helping them with powerful analytical data in the characterization of their gene therapy vectors. All this attention meant we were inundated with great contacts at our booth.

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