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Vironova’s CEO, Mohammed Homman, has been elected onto IVA’s Business Executives Council (Näringslivsrådet)

The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (Kungl. Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien, IVA), Business Executives Council met on the 29th November for their annual meeting at which we are proud to announce that Vironova’s CEO, Mohammed Homman was elected onto the Board.

The Business Executives Council has just over 250 member companies and organisations from industry and the service sector, ranging from global corporations to small businesses and organisations. It gives IVA a strong foothold in the business community and provides long-term financial support. Members of the Council help to develop IVA programmes.

“It is a great honor and pleasure to be elected onto the board of IVA’s Business Executives Council. It is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the admirable work of IVA and to take part in and influence the business community’s debates, knowledge exchange and sharing of valuable experience. I very much look forward to our future meetings.”

- Mohammed Homman

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