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Webinar: Meaningful analytics data for quick decision making in development of viral vector-based therapies

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In both early-stage and late-stage development operations of viral vector-based therapies - such as gene therapies, vaccines, or oncolytic virotherapy - access to accurate analytical data is critical. Reduction of risk and quick decision making translate into direct savings of time and money. With innovative transmission electron microscopy (TEM) technology, attributes such as viral particle size and intactness can be automatically imaged and measured. 

This presentation will describe the benefits of this method including: 
  • Visual evidence turned into quantitative data will confirm critical quality attributes of viral products
  • Instant results on purity and integrity allows process adjustments within hours

Key Learning Objectives:

  • TEM-based image analysis can identify and quantify the amount of detailed surface structures on viral particles
  • Removal of impurities at each step of the virus purification can be monitored by using TEM-based image analysis.
  • Failure in viral particle packaging and loss of integrity can be quantified by TEM-based methods.


Original send date:
April 10, 2019 at 11am EDT | 8am PDT | 4pm BST | 5pm CEST 
Title: Meaningful Analytics Data for Quick Decision Making in Development of Viral Vector-Based Therapies
Webinar duration: 1 hour

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Vanessa Carvalho - Senior Scientist and Ph.D. at Vironova 

Vanessa worked on membrane protein structural characterization using several electron microscopy techniques during her doctoral studies in Structural biology from TU Delft. Before earning her doctorate, Vanessa worked in different research groups mainly using protein purification and X-ray crystallography techniques. Her profound knowledge in structural biology and electron microscopy bring valuable contributions to the development of image analysis solutions and innovations at Vironova.


Gustaf Kylberg - Senior Research Scientist and Ph.D. at Vironova 

Gustaf holds a master’s degree in Biotechnology Engineering and a doctorate in image processing from Uppsala University. He started out 
working with detection and identification of viruses in electron microscopy images using image processing and machine learning. He has also been heavily involved in the development of the MiniTEM™ system both in the research phase as well as in creating the first commercial version of the system. Now, he continues with innovation at Vironova R&D.
Be sure to join our webinar and learn how MiniTEM transforms visual evidence into quantitative data that confirms critical quality attributes of viral products. Rapid results on purity and integrity allow process adjustments without unnecessary delays.
See you there!
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Vanessa and Gustaf