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Meet Vironova at Bioprocessing Summit Europe 2019

Meet Vironova at Bioprocessing Summit Europe 2019 Bioprocessing , March 19-21, Lisbon, Portugal. Vironova's Marketing Director Nina Forsberg will host and moderate a Round table, 19th of March at 16:45 on the topics and needs for analytical methods in gene therapy vector characterization.
Also covered will be the challenges in meeting regulatory and safety requirements in emerging therapies such as gene therapy:
- Current CMC guidelines - strengths and limitations and need for further detail
- How to interpret and correlate data from different analytical methods - are established methods sufficient or are novel analytical solutions needed?
- Risks to consider when relying on traditional methods versus investing in innovative technology - choosing the right collaborations partner.
Insight are free, but seats are limited, make sure to be there early!
Our Senior Scientist and Ph. D. Vanessa Carvalho will hold a presentation on March 20th, at 15:15 on the topic - Analysis of Purity and Packaging of Gene Therapy Vectors and VLPs to Support Process Development Decisions. Make sure to attend and learn.
And of course, be sure to meet up with us to share your impressions, insights and challenges at our booth. You will find our European Sales Development Managers - Bas Hersmus, and Beata Hadavan. Our Marketing Director - Nina Forsberg, and Vironova Biosafety's Director - Lennart Lindquist. Vironova's Electron Microscopy Services representative at the Summit is Vanessa Carvalho.
Last but not least, check out MiniTEM™ at our booth - A compact and portable TEM, designed for automated nanoparticle characterization  Built by experts for everyday users . Bringing software, AI, Big Data and Life Science data into the equation.
Contacts for more information and information to match your need
Round table-related questions - nina.forsberg@vironova.com
Presentation-related questions - vanessa.carvalho@vironova.com
Biosafety-related questions - lennart.lindqvist@vironova.com
MiniTEM-related questions - bas.hersmus@vironova 
Electron Microscopy Services-related questions - beata.hadavan@vironova.com
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