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New ASTM standard approved

Vironova scientists continue to influence the field - new standard approved

In the spring of 2017 Vironova, being identified as leading experts in the characterization of liposomes, was invited by the FDA to participate in developing a standard for electron microscopy of liposomes.  The standard is produced by the ASTM International (originally the American Society for Testing and Materials) and the standards are used all over the world, with 140 countries participating in their development.

We’re pleased to report that the standard has now been accepted and published. It is entitled: ASTM WK54615 “New Guide for Standard Practice for Performing Electron Cryo-Microscopy of Liposomes” and you can find it here:

Cryo-TEM (the method for which a Nobel prize was granted last year) is a technique used to record high resolution images of samples frozen and embedded in ice. The specimen is almost instantly frozen, and maintained very accurately, without the distortions typically associated with air drying delicate wet samples. Liposomes in particular may become distorted and are difficult to measure and analyze when they are air-dried.

Images of the specimen are then recorded at low temperature using a specially designed electron microscope equipped with a cryo-holder capable of operating so as to prevent structural damage to the specimen. The cryo-TEM technique is the consensus choice to directly observe, analyze and accurately measure liposomes suspended in aqueous solutions and is used by Vironova as one of the Em services provided to our customers.