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New collaboration with SwedenBIO to develop the life science industry


Vironova’s Director Human Resources, Ann Fredriksson, will be one of a handful members of a new task force put together by SwedenBIO. The cross-organizational group will focus on finding solutions to current human resource challenges in the Nordic life science industry.

The Nordic life science industry is in need of international recruitment. At Vironova alone, there are employees from over 15 nationalities. We value and believe in diversity; it helps us to stay in the frontline of the industry and to keep innovating new solutions. Our core values are in line with having internal as well as external discussions about how to tackle the challenges of today and tomorrow. Therefore, we are happy to announce that we will be a part of SwedenBIO’s new task force where we will contribute to the challenges in human resources in the industry.

“The purpose is to gather around challenges and bottlenecks regarding human resources and talent attraction. The hope is to guide and to inspire each other and the SwedenBIO community, but also to find solutions to bottle-necks and other obstacles.”, comments Frida Lawenius who is acting as a project manager of the task force.

One of the major challenges which will be addressed is the administrative work coming from recruiting internationally. Other challenges coming from the digitization will also be prioritized. For example, organizing all work when more people work from home and challenges in a new type of (digital) leadership.

Ann Frediksson, Director Human Resources, on what Vironova can contribute with:

“We are an entrepreneurial company with quite aggressive growth plans. An organization very much driven by innovation in all areas, including human resources. To succeed, a proactive approach and a willingness to try new working patterns and new ways of working within competence sharing and leadership are required. I believe our ‘open mindedness’ for change and the extensive knowledge/experience of recruiting and onboarding employees from other countries, will add value to the group.”

With the covid-19 pandemic, a new working environment has evolved. This will of course affect the discussion of how the near future will look like concerning how, where and when we work but also recruitment and onboarding.

Ann again:

“With employees working remotely, communication skills/channels become increasingly important. It also increases the challenges of building relationships, creating a strong corporate culture and placing new demands on leadership. From a recruitment perspective, there are challenges in finding the right competence, being able to meet in person and to onboard new employees in a professional way.”

The conclusions from the task force’s discussions will be shared within SwedenBIO for all members to benefit from. Contact Frida Lawenius at frida.lawenius@swedenbio.se or Ann Fredriksson at ann.fredriksson@vironova.com if you have any questions.

About SwedenBIO

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SwedenBIO is the national non-profit association for the life science industry in Sweden, with almost 300 members. Sweden has an innovative life science industry, strong academia and world leading infrastructure for research.