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Our MiniTEM system is now part of Testa Center’s (GE Healthcare subsidiary) analytical toolkit

testa center

We at Vironova are delighted to have entered into a collaboration with Testa Center in Uppsala, Sweden! Testa Center is a GE Healthcare subsidiary (GE owns 100%) and a separate business entity running as non-profit and with legal autonomy.

An open, non-profit, non-GMP, production-like facility and test-bed for education, innovation and proof-of-concept experiments on production processes for biological products, e.g. monoclonal antibodies, peptides and proteins. You have access to both equipment and expertise to go from lab bench scale to industrial scale of protein production processes. Main objective for Testa Center is to promote growth of the Life Science sector and bridge the gap between discovery to industrialization.

Our MiniTEM system is now part of Testa’s analytical toolkit and will allow guest researchers to perform real-time analyses of virus and viral vector integrity, purity and morphology.


IF you are interested, or know someone who should be interested in a demo or  of our MiniTEM, a great process development tool for viral vector production - Do not hesitate to contact us at Vironova we are always open at: info@vironova.com

Learn more about Testa Center https://testacenter.com/ or MiniTEM at https://www.vironova.com/instruments/minitem