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Vironova´s CEO Mohammed Homman on OXY Talks


Video from last weeks OXY Talks where Vironova's CEO and founder Mohammed Homman shares his entrepreneurial journey with Susanna Balsvik and Emma Vallin from OXY Group. Who together from different views and experiences explore the challenges and opportunities on how to handle stress and achievement in a fast growing business.

Our CEO Mohammed Homman on OXY Talks

For all of you who did not have the opportunity to attend and watch OXY Talk last week. Set off 30 minutes of your agenda to view and listen to Vironova's CEO and founder Mohammed Homman, Oxy Group's executive coach and leadership development consultant Emma Vallin, change and process leader Susanna Balsvik. Who together bring insight around the topic; how companies can create fast and long term growth while ensuring they maintain a sound company culture with a balanced and thriving workforce.

OXY Talk is in Swedish.