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Vironova at Biotech Week in Boston

The new MiniTEM low voltage transmission electron microscope system was introduced for the first time to a larger audience at the Boston Biotech Week. A steady stream of visitors working in downstream applications covering biologics and gene therapy...


Webinar: Reveal information that Gives Insights: New Approaches to Sub-Visible Particle Characterization

Date: October 19 Time: 11:00am - 11:15am EDT In this webinar you will learn:


Vironova workshop at Biotech Week Boston: Reveal information that Gives Insights – New Approaches to Sub-Visible Particle Characterization

Speakers: Dr. Josefina Nilsson, Head of EM services and Dr. Gustaf Kylberg, Product Manager MiniTEM, Vironova AB


Ask the Expert editorial in Bioprocess International

Josefina Nilsson, head of Vironova EM services, is featured in the editorial article in the June issue of Bioprocess International where she describes how electron microscopy and image analysis performed by Vironova provide all the structural...


White paper: A comparative study of MiniTEM versus DLS and NTA.

This study compares the performance and the ability to detect the Adeno associated virus particles (AAV) of interest and distinguish them from contaminating proteasomes.


NOW electronics, subsidiary of Vironova, appoints new CEO

“We are very happy to welcome Mikael Wik on board, he will be a very important contributor for driving the continued growth of Vironova” says Mohammed Homman, CEO Vironova.


ProViz: A new software for easy and intuitive visualisation and analysis of electron tomograms with low signal-to-noise ratio.

Visual understanding is a key aspect when studying electron tomography data-sets, aside quantitative assessments such as registration of high-resolution structures. In a recently published article, Vironova CTO Ida-Maria Sintorn and co-authors...


VIP event attracts Life science leaders for MiniTEM sneak peak

The Vironova MiniTEM event in conjunction to the BioSpring Europe Stockholm meeting attracted more than 40 carefully selected VIP guests in leading positions from the Life Science industry. The first manufactured series of the MiniTEM microscope was...


Vironova acquires NOW Electronics AB in Kista, Sweden

The acquisition of NOW is part of a long term plan of Vironova of building a strong technology platform to enable further development of electron microscopy based analysis tools for nanoparticle characterization. Vironova has together with NOW...