We are looking for a Scientist in Electron Microscopy

Vironova is now searching for a Scientist to the Electron Microscopy Services unit.  Join a multicultural team of passionate scientists focusing on delivering high quality electron microscopy analysis to our diverse portfolio of clients. 


On demand webinar Analytical Challenges for Gene Therapy

Watch our on demand webinar and download the presentation from November 3rd, where we together with BioPharma Asia and Biogen gave guidance and our view on possible solutions for "Analytical Challenges for Gene Therapy", and how can you overcome...


We are looking for a Life Science Application Specialist

Vironova is now searching for a Life Sciences Application Specialist to act both as a consultant and trainer for customers and as an internal technical resource, exploring opportunities to develop analytical insights through the proper use of...


Webinar 3rd Nov 2020 Analytical Challenges for Gene Therapy

Webinar 3rd of November covering "Analytical Challenges for Gene Therapy", and how can you overcome these. Sign up at BioPharma Asia's website and deep dive into the topic where our colleague Dr Saba Hussein Gore together with BioPharma Asia and...


The workplace of the future belongs to the employees (in Swedish)

Tailor-made, activity-based, state-of-the-art premises in all their glory - but the foundation of tomorrow´s organization and workplace is more than ever based on the employees and a value driven corporate culture, according to Vironova's founder...


Simplifying the complex, creating value and growing business with insights from sub-visual universe

A short interview to bring you back stage of Vironova with Dr. Josefina Nilsson, our Head of Business Unit, Electron Microscopy Services who delves into the unique benefits of transmission electron microscopy (TEM); the importance of TEM analysis in...


Vironova at SwedebBIO Hack and The Swedish Drug Discovery and Development Pipeline Report 2020 Release

Vironova´s CEO Mohammed Homman earlier this week at SwedenBIO Hack and The Swedish Drug Discovery and Development Pipeline Report 2020 release. Presenting the status of Sweden’s drug development projects in clinical and pre-clinical phases.


Annual General Meeting 2020 - Vironova AB

The Annual General Meeting of Vironova AB was held on Monday 29th June 2020 at 14.00, at the Company's premises, at Gävlegatan 22, in Stockholm - Sweden.


How Vironova can support US researchers in the fight against COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the urgent need for vaccines and suitable treatment strategies for our lives to return to normal. At Vironova, we specialize in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and image analysis with a specific focus on...


Application of AI-based convolutional neural networks in TEM image analysis for gene therapy and vaccine manufacturing

Viral vector-based vaccine and gene therapy development requires a series of analytical tests to ensure product purity, potency and safety. TEM is an emerging tool in analytical laboratories providing both qualitative and quantitative information...