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Actionable insight to see and secure the quality of your viral particles at different steps of your process

In Gene Therapy, viral vector stability and integrity must be carefully investigated before scaling up production. Specific process steps can be evaluated to understand what impact they have on viral particle integrity. Viral particle...


How to walk the talk - Vironova and Hitachi in smart research and business collaboration

An example of how Hitachi High Technologies and Vironova AB walk the talk in TEM research and business collaboration.   To achieve great advancement by relying and leveraging on each others core competencies and competitive edge, with sustainable,...


Vironova won the Finals Hitachi´s Transformation Awards in Las Vegas.

We did it! Today Team Vironova won the People's Choice Finals in Hitachi´s Transformation Awards in Las Vegas.


Webinar: How Artificial Intelligence Can Address Analytical Challenges in Gene Therapies and Vaccines

Accurate and reliable analytics are crucial in the development and manufacturing of viral-based drugs. In this webcast key concepts and strategies will be discussed how to apply analytical information to the development of these emerging therapies.


Direct vs. indirect methods for characterization and analysis of subvisible particles – A comparative study

Characterization and analysis of subvisible particles of biological origin can be challenging or give insufficient information. In this study Adeno associated virus (AAV) particles contaminated by host cell proteasomes are analysed with direct...


Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual General Meeting of Vironova AB will be held on Monday 24 June 2019 at 15.00, at the Company's premises, at Gävleatan 22, in Stockholm - Sweden.


The 14th Advanced Therapies & Regenerative Medicine conference

May 15-17, London, UK, EU


Third China Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition

We are in the finals of the Third China Innovation & Entrepreneurship International Competition in Shenzhen.   Vironova won the "Swedish Overseas Division Competition" on March 26th in the "Third China Innovation & Entrepreneurship International...


Meet us at the 3rd Gene Therapy for Rare Disorders Conference

Vironova are attending the conference in Boston to follow key industry trends, and join the conversation in the field of gene therapy. March 26-28, Boston, Massachusetts, USA


Meet Vironova at Bioprocessing Summit Europe 2019

Meet Vironova at Bioprocessing Summit Europe 2019 Bioprocessing , March 19-21, Lisbon, Portugal. Vironova's Marketing Director Nina Forsberg will host and moderate a Round table, 19th of March at 16:45 on the topics and needs for analytical methods...