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Vironova in panel discussion on cell and gene therapy

This week Vironova is participating in a panel discussion at the Cell and Gene Therapy Bioprocessing and Commercialization conference in Boston, represented by Nina Forsberg, Marketing Director.

The session is based on a new e-book "Key Consideration in Gene Therapy Manufacturing for Commercialization" published by Cell Culture DISH, and our participation in a collaboration to create it. Nina Forsberg, Marketing Director and Josefina Nilsson, Head of Business Unit, EM Services are co-authors.

You can find the E-book here.

The panel discussion covers gene therapy manufacturing and the latest in manufacturing methods, analytical analysis and key regulatory considerations, including:

  • Planning for scale up, technology transfer and regulatory considerations on the way to commercialization.
  • In-house vs. Outsourcing manufacturing.
  • Ensuring scalability and efficient timelines in manufacturing while still maintaining reasonable cost.
  • Incorporating the right analytics in gene therapy manufacturing
  • Where we are at as an industry and where there is room for improvement