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Presentation computer vision Munich

A conference paper was presented by Vironova’s collaborator Elisabeth Wetzer at the Workshop on BioImage Computing, European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV), 8-14 September in Munich.

ECCV is one of the currently biggest computer vision conferences (see some pictures here: https://eccv2018.org/photo-gallery/nggallery/page/2) and the paper is related to Vironova’s recently completed pathology project – “A smart and easy platform to facilitate ultrastructural pathological diagnoses”.

The proceedings will be published soon, watch this space!

The publication is:

E. Wetzer, J. Lindblad, I.-M. Sintorn, K. Hultenby, N. Sladoje. Towards automated multiscale imaging and analysis in TEM: Glomerulus detection by fusion of CNN and LBP maps. To appear in Proceedings of ECCV 2018, Workshop on BioImage Computing.