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Presentation by Vironova’s Martin Ryner on artificial intelligence and a data-driven revolution

It’s been a busy time lately for the Vironova team giving talks and attending conferences. Our very own Martin Ryner has recently held a presentation at a breakfast meeting organized by Stockholm Science City and STING. The meeting title was “Artificial intelligence in health – a data driven revolution.” This resonates well with what Vironova is striving for in helping to make virus image analysis accessible, cost-effective and objective.

A lot has happened in the Artificial intelligence area in recent years due to the rapidly increasing availability of information in digital format, technical progress in deep learning and machine learning as well as platforms that make the technology available. It is creating exciting new opportunities, for example in drug development.

At the meeting a report entitled “Artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare and life sciences” was presented by Stockholm Science City.

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