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Video: Seeing is believing - Analytics of data and visualization of information is knowing

Did you know: With good and actionable analytics data insights, biopharma companies can make better development decisions early, reduce process development time, and triple the number of projects that can be done in the same timeframe. Pure ROI.

Accurate and reliable analytics are crucial in the development and manufacturing of viral-based drugs. Vironova´s MiniTEM is an innovative analytics solution that uses artificial intelligence to automate the analysis of viral particle samples.

Watch this video and learn more about how:

  • MiniTEM can reveal process impact on critical quality attributes
  • MiniTEM data can reduce process development time and increase project throughput
  • To speed up root-cause analysis in a problematic manufacturing processes


Expert or non-expert - What is the way forward if you want to learn more on how MiniTEM rapidly can obtain meaningful nanoparticle characterization data for biopharma development? Or you just have a question want to learn more about the features, benefits, capabilities, and how our MiniTEM can match your application challenge?

Just reach out to a Vironova TEM specialist at www.vironova.com and we/I will be happy to continue, develop or deep dive into the dialogue!

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