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Vironova in ​strategic collaboration with a top-tier consultancy


Stockholm, 1st of December 2020. A message from our CEO, Mohammed Homman. I am very pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between Vironova and a top-tier management consultancy1, focusing on accelerating Vironova’s growth and valuation.

We have developed a refined growth strategy together during the fall and have now agreed to enter a strategic partnership with the ambition to surpass SEK 1 bn in sales by 2025.

Our partner has significant experience from fast growing tech and software growth journeys, as well as world-class industrial expertise within MedTech and Life Sciences. They are contributing with valuable strategic and operational insights e.g.

  • Helping us sell into the most attractive customer segments
  • Implementing the most attractive go-to-market strategies
  • Scaling-up organization and labs
  • Optimizing way of working with sales, marketing, and pricing
  • Building capabilities and supporting the ambition level amongst our employees

Furthermore, our partner is already working on contributing with high-potential investor leads and recruitments for strategic roles.

Best regards,

Mohammed Homman

  1. This information is not intended to solicit interest in transactions in our share, thus, we have signed an NDA and no-use of name with our partner.