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Vironova at the VLPNPV conference

A successful meeting at VLPNPV 2018 in Bern, Switzerland

Last week, 25-27 September, Vironova attended the Virus-Like Particle & Nano-Particle Vaccines conference in Bern, Switzerland.  We succeeded in generating even more awareness of the Vironova brand, our expertise, services and the MiniTEM system.

During this fifth edition, international researchers presented and discussed new and novel areas of research on the essential role of Virus-Like Particle (VLP) and Nano-Particle (NP) technology in new-generation vaccines against prevalent and emergent diseases, representing state-of-the-art and up-to-date coverage of progress.

Our expert, Vannessa Carvalho, presented a case study in which primary influenza VLP´s were analysed for shape, size and differences in the distribution of surface hemagglutinin (HA) structures using the highly automated MiniTEM system, showing that the MiniTEM system can be used to automatically generate a relative quantitative analysis of different particle classes providing valuable information during the downstream process.

With lots of interesting conversations and deep discussions on Vironova’s work, expertise and the MiniTEM system, we look back at a successful meeting.