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How to walk the talk - Vironova and Hitachi in smart research and business collaboration


An example of how Hitachi High Technologies and Vironova AB walk the talk in TEM research and business collaboration.  

To achieve great advancement by relying and leveraging on each others core competencies and competitive edge, with sustainable, smart and effective business solutions for the greater good. A good read on our earlier research and continuous business collaboration to support future healthcare solutions. The fusion of Transmission Electron Microscopy and Software for Image Analysis - contributing to more robust and efficient manufacturing processes in the development of biological drugs in the Pharmaceutical and Life Science market. 

Togheter we unlock the hidden potential in combining Hitachi High-Technologies’ instruments with Vironova’s automation solutions to help meet growing healthcare needs.

Read more about our research collaboration in our article: "Collaborating to Support Future Healthcare Solutions - Fusion of Electron Microscopy and Image Analysis in Biological Drug Manufacturing Processes"

Vironova AB: Martin Ryner | Jonathan Royce | Rhiannon Sanders
Hitachi High Technologies:  Mats Eriksson | Toshihide Agemura | Hiromi Mise | Takashi Kubo