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Vironova is part of major effort to advance Sweden’s position in biological drugs

Biological drugs hold tremendous potential but are a major challenge to develop. New analytical methods will be needed, including transmission electron microscopy which Vironova is making accessible for the development and quality control processes in drug development.

“The product is the process.”
Biological structures are more complex to work with than regular small chemical drugs. For example, the finished product cannot be fully characterized. The manufacturing process itself must ensure product quality, and purity and needs to be monitored consistently with many analytical methods (such as Vironova’s MiniTEM system) to ensure predictable outcomes.

Vironova’s expertise makes us perfectly placed to participate in NextBioForm, a major effort to put Sweden in a leading position for development of biological drugs - recently presented by Vinnova (Sweden's Innovation Authority) and the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet):

NextBioForm is a collaboration and network forum where industry, academia, and healthcare providers join forces. Together with drug developers (SOBI, Ferring, Regenics, Spiber, BioGaia and Ilya Pharma) and other service and technology providers, (Solve, Waters and CR,) Vironova will contribute to helping shorten time-to-market of state-of-the-art biological drugs.

The NextBioForm centre is focussed on formulation and protein drugs while FormulaX, which Vironova is also part of (see earlier press release), focusses on RNA and nanoparticle-based distribution systems (lipid nanoparticles and exosomes).

For Vironova's part, it is important to develop methods and offerings to characterize biologics that the market wants and needs. Through NextBioForm we can participate in an international network of key actors to better understand the market. We also learn more about what the MiniTEM system can offer, and access early knowledge of emerging areas in the pharmaceutical sector.

The NextBioForm Centre receives 16 million SEK in the first stage. In total, there are 17 partners under the leadership of RISE and Centre Director Anna Fureby, anna.fureby@ri.se

For more information contact:
Ida-Maria Sintorn, Chief Technology Officer Vironova AB, +46 (0)76 1090195, ida.sintorn@vironova.com

Mohammed Homman, CEO, Vironova AB, +46 (0) 70 480 49 27, mohammed.homman@vironova.com