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Vironova represented at Medicinteknikdagarna 2017 in Västerås

On the 11th October, there will be a presentation by Vironova at the Medicinteknikdagarna in Västerås. Vironova’s CTO, Ida-Maria Sintorn will present the ongoing project in facilitating ultrastructural pathologic diagnoses with the goal of developing a smart and easy to use platform based on MiniTEMTM, Vironova’s highly-automated table-top TEM. The project is co-funded by Vinnova in the MedTech4Health program.

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) is already important for screening human tissues at the nm scale. It is the only option, or gold standard, for diagnosing several disorders e.g. cilia and renal diseases, rare cancers etc. But the microscope is expensive, technically complex and requires special facilities. Interpretation of data relies on a high level of expertise and there is a lack of trained personnel to perform ultrapathological analyses.

Ida-Maria will present strategies and results for using image analysis and machine learning for automated search for objects of interest as well as strategies for combining multiple objects to super-resolve and enhance details for correct diagnosis.

The presentation will be held on 11th October in room 204, if you happen to be there. You can find the program here.