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Vironova research presented at intelligent imaging systems conference

The conference Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems (Acivs) 2017 in Belgium on 18-21 September focuses on techniques for building adaptive, intelligent, safe and secure imaging systems. Submissions are required to be original and high-quality work, from basic research to pre-industrial application.

As a result of our research collaboration with the Dept. IT at Uppsala University, we are proud to announce that a peer-reviewed full length paper with Vironova’s Gustaf Kylberg and Ida-Maria Sintorn as co-authors, entitled: An Efficient Descriptor based on Radial Line Integration for Fast Non-Invariant Matching and Registration of Microscopy Images, has been accepted to Acivs 2017 (http://acivs.org/acivs2017). The paper will be presented by Associate Professor Anders Hast and the proceedings published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

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