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Webinar 3rd Nov 2020 Analytical Challenges for Gene Therapy

Saba Hussein Gore - Vironova - Webinar - Analytical Challenges for Gene Therapy

Webinar 3rd of November covering "Analytical Challenges for Gene Therapy", and how can you overcome these.

Sign up at BioPharma Asia's website and deep dive into the topic where our colleague Dr Saba Hussein Gore together with BioPharma Asia and Biogen will give guidance and our view on possible solutions.

One of the biggest challenges for AAV gene therapy products is establishing an appropriate analytical strategy to support product manufacture, release, stability, comparability and characterization at different stages of development. This presentation will highlight some of the existing analytical challenges and provide guidance on development of an appropriate strategy to help overcome these.

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Webinar presenters:
Clare Blue, Director of Analytical Development at Biogen and Saba Hussein Gore, Applications Manager and Senior Scientist at Vironova.

Clara Blue - Biogen

Clare Blue holds a degree and PhD in Molecular Microbiology from the University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. She has industry experience ranging from viral / vector manufacturing, biosafety testing, analytical development, QC and process development. Clare has been involved in AAV gene therapy for 6 years, initially at Nightstar Therapeutics where she held senior roles overseeing the manufacturing and analytical strategy of phase II/III AAV products for treating retinal diseases.  In her current role as Director of Analytical Development, Biogen, she leads the analytical strategy for ophthalmology gene therapy products.

And followed by Dr Saba Hussein, Applications Manager and Senior Scientist at Vironova

Saba Hussein Gore - Vironova

Dr Saba Hussein Gore the is Applications Manager and Senior Scientist at Vironova, where she leads the global team of Applications Specialists, based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a BSc in Virology from the University of Warwick, UK, an MSc in Virology from Imperial College London, UK, and a PhD in the structure and function of membrane proteins from the Laboratory of Molecular Biology (LMB) at the University of Cambridge, UK. She has previously worked as a technician and project manager at Imperial College London in a Gates Grand Challenges in Global Health HIV vaccine consortium, as a postdoctoral fellow in structural and molecular biology of membrane proteins at NYU, USA, and at Stockholm University, Sweden, and as a protein scientist at Sobi, Sweden. She has several publications in leading journals and has presented at leading conferences and engaged with biopharmaceutical clients in Asia, Europe and the USA.