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Webinar April 6 - Interview with Vironova founder and CEO Mohammed Homman

Vironova will host a webinar “Automated purity and integrity check of gene therapy vectors” on April 6 at 3 pm CET. (Agenda and registration can be found here.)

The webinar will demonstrate the capabilities of MiniTEM™ , which is compact, easy to use low-voltage transmission electron microscope system designed for nanoparticle characterization. It is pioneering in that its automatically acquired high-quality images reveal particle morphologies that can be transformed into accurate metrics

In conjunction with the above-mentioned webinar, the founder and CEO of Vironova Mohammed Homman shares his story of the company and MiniTEM. A journey that began with his own passion for viruses and treating viral diseases, and the limitations in available methods that led him to collaborate with a wide variety of specialists, and eventually building the MiniTEM system.
Read the full interview here.