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On demand webinar: Unmatched Viral Particle Analysis - Vaccine and Gene Therapy Development

On demand webinar

The title of the webinar is "Unmatched Viral Particle Analysis - Vaccine and Gene Therapy Development

At your convenience

The number of gene therapy applications based on viral vectors are growing and small-scale manufacturing processes are increasingly requiring scale-up to commercial processes. 

Numerous challenges must be overcome in scaling-up to full commercial production. Undesired outcomes can be avoided by careful monitoring during development of the process.

In this webinar we will show how MiniTEM™ can produce powerful data where traditional assays have limitations.

Key Learning Objectives

How MiniTEM automatically can:

  • Screen the viral particle morphology status throughout the process
  • Determine sample purity
  • Detect aggregates
  • Compare the portion of intact versus broken viral particles
  • Indicate virus titer

Speakers: Josefina Nilsson, Head of EM services & Martin Ryner, Strategic Development Manager from Vironova.