Electron microscopy services

Specialized for biopharmaceuticals

Electron microscopy services

Vironova is a service provider specialized in transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analysis of vaccines, gene therapy and drug delivery particles such as viruses and liposomes. Vironova offers a complete GMP-certified TEM analysis package that includes both negative stain (nsTEM) analysis and cryogenic (cryoTEM) analysis, each providing powerful image datasets, quantitative data, and conclusions from the analysis.

TEM – unmatched technology

Sample purity, particle size, shape and overall morphology are often directly correlated to the efficacy and safety of the end drug product. TEM is an unmatched technology for visualizing and understanding particle characteristics and seeing what actually happens when conditions are changed in upstream and downstream processes or product formulations.

Detect debris

Detect Debris

Detect aggregates

Detect aggregates

Reveal particle integrity status

Reveal particle integrity status

Vironova Analyzer software – designated for TEM image analysis

Our service team uses the in-house developed Vironova Analyzer software (VAS) for the analysis of TEM images of nanoparticles. The software automates the extraction of morphological data and measurements from the TEM images for graphical presentation. The automation that VAS provides allows Vironova EM services to deliver high-quality images and accurate quantitative data timely and cost-effectively.

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Validated AAV percentage full capsid analysis

Virus particle packaging analysis with cryoTEM in combination with VAS is a patented method and the first validated method in the world for AAV percentage-full-capsid analysis. This method is recommended for batch release testing and QC of AAV based gene therapy products.

Validated AAV percentage full capsid analysis
CryoEM Graph Vironova


CryoEM Table



Simply send your sample to the TEM experts

Our experts will tailor the analysis to address your specific questions.

The report will contain:

  • Representative EM-images
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Concluding summary with comments from the expert team

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