Automated transmission electron microscopy analysis
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MiniTEM developed specifically for nanoparticle characterization

  • Rapid nanoparticle characterization –
  • Resolution of 1 nm
  • Meaningful data on particle morphology, size distribution and purity
  • Can be placed close to your process 

Automated imaging and image analysis

  • Overall morphology and particle integrity
  • Particle size distribution
  • Purity
  • Particle clustering or aggregation

The automation aspect of MiniTEM provides automatic image acquisition and subsequent analysis and data presentation. Pattern recognition and machine learning capabilities enable MiniTEM to perform advanced particle characterization, classification and measurements. The results are statistically relevant thanks to the automatic acquisition and analysis of a large number of images.

Automated imaging and image analysis

(A) Waypoints are selected. (B) Images are automatically acquired in selected waypoints. (C) A large number of images are obtained. (D) Particles are detected and classified in the images. (E) Defined morphological characteristics are transformed into accurate metrics.

Saves time in process development

MiniTEM complements existing routine analysis methods in process development. The system offers an in-house solution that enables non-experts in electron microscopy to rapidly obtain meaningful nanoparticle characterization data. It automatically images, detects and analyzes particles. In a few hours you generate quantitative data and images of your nanoparticles that can support decision making in the optimization of your process.


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