Vironova Analyzer Software – quantitative and traceable nanoparticle analysis

Automated TEM image analysis with VAS gives objective data, faster

The VAS software works by algorithmically identifying particle characteristics based on selected criteria, such as the size or shape of the particle. You can analyze many images and a large number of particles to reach a statistically significant number for the analysis (typically 1500 per sample). The results are presented in a report with histograms illustrating particle data. Using VAS for automated nanoparticle detection can save up to 6 hours per sample compared to manual approaches that can lead to inconsistent results due to subjectivity and human error.




Objective characterization of liposomal drug delivery platforms

In cryo-transmission electron microscopy (cryoTEM) the specimen is kept at cryogenic temperatures while observed under the microscope. This allows direct visualization of native particles and analysis of their internal features.

CryoTEM combined with image analysis using VAS represents an optimized methodology for objective characterization and analysis of features such as encapsulation efficiency, level of lamellarity and thickness of the lipid bilayer of liposomal drug products.




Validated AAV percentage full capsid analysis

Virus particle packaging analysis with cryoTEM in combination with VAS is a patented method and the first validated method in the world for AAV percentage-full-capsid analysis. This method is recommended for batch release testing and QC of AAV-based gene therapy products.



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