Privacy policy

We are working to have a high level of data security that protects your personal integrity when using our website. This Privacy Policy explains how your data is processed and secured, what your rights are. We are striving for you to feel safe in our personal data management. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can find our contact details at the bottom of this page.

Who is responsible for the personal data we collect

Vironova AB is the legal entity responsible for the personal data you give us through submitting forms or contacting us through our website, related to our events or external services we use.

Vironova AB
Organization number: 556678-1463
Gävlegatan 22
113 30 Stockholm

Where your personal data is stored

We are striving to store your personal information within the European Economic Area (EEA) to the greatest extent possible. Some external systems we use store their data in the United States, but all of these companies are covered with the “Privacy shield” (an agreement about protection for personal data between the EU and the U.S.) and have adequate security in accordance with the current legislation.

What personal data we store

Data you provide by submitting a form or contact us through our website or on any of the external systems we use will be stored by us. What data points we store depends on the form you submitted. All data asked for is necessary for us to be able to help you in the best possible way. Some forms may require more data points than others since the reason for submission differs. We will however never require more information than needed. Here is the personal information that we may require on our website or external systems:

  • Name: Needed to know who we are to contact.
  • Email address: Needed to know how to contact you.
  • Job title: Needed (in some cases) to get a better understanding of your reason for contacting us.
  • Company name: Needed to know (in some cases) since we are a business-to-business organization.
  • Country/region: Needed to know (in some cases) to assign the correct person from our point of view.
  • Phone number: Needed to know (in some cases) to have a faster way of contacting you.

How we use your personal information

We might use your personal information in any of the following purposes depending on why and where we collected your information:

  • Contact you in matters of your interest (e.g. answering questions you have).
  • Process orders and keep you informed about them.
  • Help you in solving a problem or concern you have involving Vironova.
  • Send surveys we conduct to improve our products or services.
  • Send our newsletter or any news that we think could be beneficial for you.
  • Send other marketing related emails to you.

In all our marketing emails sent to you, you will find a guide for how to unsubscribe from similar future emails.

Your rights

You have the right to demand to receive your personal information that we store at any time. If your information is wrong, incomplete or irrelevant, you can demand to get it corrected or deleted. We can not delete your information if there is a legal demand on storing that information (for example accounting purposes) or when there are other legal reasons as to why it needs to be stored (for example when there are unpaid invoices).

You can, at any time, recall your consent to letting us use your information in marketing related activities by unsubscribing from our marketing list. All marketing emails contain a link where this can be done. You can also contact us by sending us a letter or an email. Contact information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Sharing your data

In order to offer the above mentioned services and commitments we have towards you, we share your information with companies that are Personal Data Processors to us. Personal Data Processors treat your personal information on our behalf in order for us to use IT services, accounting and marketing tools and similar services. We only cooperate with companies that give sufficient guarantees regarding the security of your personal data and current legislation.

We never forward, sell or trade your personal data to third parties.

Securing your personal data

For your protection, information provided through our website or services we use is always encrypted and sent through a secure connection.


A cookie is a small text file that a website saves on your computer. Cookies are used on many websites to give visitors access to various functionality and to give the user a better overall experience. Information in a cookie can be used to follow a user's behaviour online on websites that use the same cookie.

How we use cookies

This website uses cookies to various functionalities that should only be visible once per user. If you close your browser and come back later, these functions should not be visible to you again until the cookie is automatically deleted (i.e. timed deletion) or manually deleted by you.

We also use cookies for statistical reporting purposes. For example how many people have visited a certain page and how long they stayed there. They are not, and can not be used to identify you.

Third party cookies

We use HubSpot, LinkedIn Insight Tag, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and Google Ads, which all are using cookies. These cookies are used to get a better understanding of our website visitors and in some of our marketing activities. These cookies do not contain information that can be personally identifiable.

Contact information

Vironova AB
Gävlegatan 22
113 30 Stockholm

Organization number: 556678-1463


This privacy policy was updated on: 2021-08-12